What doctors say about the 2017 UK Budget and NHS funding

March 14, 2017

Daniel Ghinn examines the reaction of healthcare professionals on social media to the recent UK budget and its funding of the NHS.

“Twitter is a much better source of budget analysis for NHS than any news outlet”, Tweeted gastroenterologist Dr Ben White on the afternoon of the Chancellor’s 2017 Budget speech.

By now, we’ve all probably read and heard more than enough analysis of the new UK budget, so this is not another of those pieces. Instead, let’s look at what those on the front lines of healthcare delivery have to say about how the budget will affect their work. Here’s a brief analysis of healthcare professionals’ reactions to the budget over the first 48 hours after the Chancellor’s speech.

Brexit was the big NHS upset for healthcare professionals
Among thousands of Tweets posted by healthcare professionals (HCPs) discussing the budget and talking about healthcare or the NHS, the most-discussed topic was Brexit.